Photoshop for Photographers

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Learn proven, step-by-step techniques to make your images look unique. Photoshop is easy to use and a fantastic tool for all digital photographers.

If you want the confidence and skills to refine your images then Photoshop for photographers is for you. It's a hands-on course with time to practice as you learn. We supply computer, CD of course images and reference notes. Lunch is provided too.

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The Imagetree website and every image in our gallery was
produced with Adobe Photoshop.

See lots of 'before and after Photoshop' images here.


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Imagetree Adobe Photoshop courses are run by Peter Stuthridge, a photographer with 30 years experience who has used Photoshop since Photoshop 4, way back in 1997. Pete also writes the Imagetree Blog.

Photography courses & Photoshop courses are held at The Fremantle Prison in Knutsford Street, Fremantle. This is a fantastic photogenic location for photography and the perfect venue to learn your Photoshop skills!

You'll need your laptop with a recent version of Photoshop installed—30 day trail versions of CS5 available from the Adobe website, Notes are provided, lunch is provided. We'll send you full details when you book your course. Courses run midweek evenings starting 5.30pm or full day courses starting 9:00am Saturday mornings.

Imagetree Photoshop is a 4 part series.
We recommend starting with Photoshop 1+2

Software creates the 'look'.

Computers and software are just tools for refining pixels from your camera. (Amazing tools).
This is a device for recording pixel information about your subject.

This is not a magic box.

Photographers make photographs, cameras just record information.