The 'Must Knows' of Photography

Protrack Two

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You will discover how to get the best out of your camera and how to develop your photographic eye.

Our photography seminars and digital imaging workshops range from the absolute fundamentals all the way through to professional imaging as a career. Along the journey, at whatever level you are now, you'll learn key principles that will open other doors to your creative photographic desires.


  • Lens choice to suit the subject
  • Understand your camera's light meter
  • Creative depth of field
  • Where to put the subject in the frame
  • To employ the rules of design
  • A brief discussion of digital file formats
  • Photoshop demonstration

And why you should always consider:

  • Format
  • Composition and depth
  • Perspective
  • Viewpoint
  • False attachments

Learn how to utilize and position all of the above in one simple process and how to use the 3 zones staging effect.

Protrack 1+2 is a two part series
run over 2 evenings or 1 full day

Protrack 2 includes a practical session with a model.

$395 includes GST (Total price for Protrack 1 + 2)

NOTE: The cost covers both training sessions but is purchased as a package. When you buy this unit you have paid for Protrack 1 and Protrack 2. Courses are run as 2 evening sessions or 1 full day. See timetable for details.

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